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I had gotten into the habit of only checking in on Sundays, but I’m going to try to do better. Part of the reason for that, though, is that many times I wanted to blog about something else that struck my fancy. But, you know, I can always write that and schedule it for the next day. 🙂

I managed to write one day so far this week, so that’s a third way through my weekly goal. During that session, I wrote 1717 words. I look at it this way. I used to have a 500 word a day goal, so that’s more than three days worth. 🙂

I’ve been trying to find a quinoa recipe that looks appealing to me. None have really got me excited about eating quinoa, especially after I tried a boxed quinoa dish. Bleh. Our local health food store sells both white and red quinoa in bulk, so I could get however much I needed. I would like to try both since the taste is supposed to be different, the red being more “earthy” or “nuttier” according to what I’ve read. Anyway, I found this recipe on Pinterest. Looks yummy. Garlic and Thyme Quinoa Patties. I just placed an order with Mountain Rose Herbs, and now I wish I had included thyme and paprika. 😦 Also, here is the link to the whole article 32 Ways to Eat Quinoa and Succeed in Life. I haven’t read the other recipes yet, but I will.


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