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I noticed I had three texts, but I was on the road coming back home from the airport, so I didn’t know the good news. I drove up and saw Chipper welcoming me home. Then I saw something else…tied back up to his run was…DUKE! I couldn’t believe it. My husband, son, and son’s fiancee all texted me, but I didn’t see them until I had already seen Duke. It turns out that my brother saw him down the road, but couldn’t get him into his truck. So he called my son and he went down there, but by that time, my husband had already seen him on the way to church and picked him up. What has probably happened is someone had him tied up and he got loose and started home. That’s the only explanation I have for why he has been gone so long. It’s lucky I had bought him a collar right before he disappeared so my husband had something to tie him up with. We are going to have to find a better way to restrain him. I wish we could afford a fence. 😦 The bad thing is that my brother actually puts up fencing as part of his business, but I STILL can’t afford it. Bleh.

After all the trouble I had on my trip, it was nice to come home to my precious dog. Btw, the trip back was happily uneventful.


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