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Sooooo…I’m still sitting here in my hotel room waiting on my bag to be delivered by the airline. They say it will be on the flight coming in at 12:00, but with all the delays the past two days, I’m not optimistic it will be here on time. I missed the whole day of the conference yesterday. I’ve already missed a half day today. If my bag doesn’t get here in time for me to take a shower, brush my teeth, and put on my makeup before 2:00, then I’ll miss the bus to the tour,which is going to be an all day thing, ending with a reception. I don’t know why they can’t come back here and have the reception like they usually do. If I don’t get on the bus and do the tour and reception, that means I’ll only be able to do the half day conference tomorrow. And my boss has wasted all that money on this conference. All because the airline 1) delayed EVERY flight I was on, even though they had to change my flights four times, and 2) Sending my bag to NY even though they changed my flight to go through Detroit. They ASSURED me when it was changed that my bag would be changed as well. That didn’t happen. And they offer, from what I saw online, to refund the fee I paid for checked baggage…in the form of a travel voucher. The thing is, I’ll probably NEVER use this airline again, so what good does a voucher do? They should refund my MONEY.

I couldn’t sleep last night (after staying up until after 1:00 waiting on my bag, which didn’t arrive) because I was so upset about this whole thing. I had gotten up at 3:30 yesterday morning, so I’m SO tired. I’m tempted, when my bag finally comes, just to take my shower and go back to bed. Forget about the tour and the reception. Just SLEEP. And then, hopefully, I can get a lot of good out of the speakers at the conference tomorrow. There are actually three speakers tomorrow. And maybe I can network with a couple of customers somewhere in between the speakers. There are at least three people I need to see.

I’m so sorry to vent like this. No one wants to hear all the whining. But, after all, it’s my blog. I can tell by how few comments I got on this subject yesterday that it’s not what people want to hear. But that’s okay. I’ll try to post something cool and interesting someday soon. LOL


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