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This week is starting off a little better. Monday, I only wrote 361 words, but last night I managed 505. I’m still not sure how to fill in the blanks on this story. It might end up being a novella instead of a novel. I’ve been trying to write novels instead of being the queen of novellas, but this one may not make it. We’ll see. It will be as long as it wants to be.

I went to the gym Monday and Tuesday, doing cardio only. As I posted earlier, I’m going to focus on cardio this week and then see how it goes with weight work. When I go at lunch, there’s a time constraint, so I might have to change the times of my workouts.

How are ya’ll doing? (Yes, I’m from the south.)

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I sat down at my computer last night, in my office, determined to stay there an hour no matter what. Guess how many words I wrote? 361. That’s right, 361. I’m having so much trouble with this book. I know the major plot points. I know the ending. But I have no idea what to put in between there to get to those points. This is as close as I’ve ever come to writing with an outline. It should be easier. But I can’t figure out how to write the in between stuff without it being boring. You know, just a day in the life until THIS comes up. I wonder if this is because the story wasn’t my idea? I mean, it’s a GOOD story. A REALLY good story. So maybe I just need to sit down with hubby and see what else HE wants to happen. He pretty much gave me the outline, with some input from me. I don’t want to abandon this project. I want it to work.

On the bright side. The picture below shows one of the reasons I love living out in the country. I snapped this picture with my iPad as I drove down my driveway on the way to work this morning. Most of my property looks like this. Oh, and that truck is my son’s. It doesn’t run, and it’s going to be crushed by a dead tree soon if he doesn’t figure out how to move it.

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There are many reasons people work out. Looks, health, strength, etc. For me, it’s about health first, then looks. My original workout strategy was to work out with weights, legs on Monday and Thursday, arms on Tuesday and Friday. Some weeks I did okay, some not. If I had to skip a workout, I would work both arms AND legs the next day. My plan for cardio was to walk on the treadmill at home. Well, there has been no walking on the treadmill. You know how it is…when you’re at home, there are so many other things to do.

So here’s my new plan. I’m going to start doing cardio at the gym. They have state of the art treadmills, better than the ones at the bigger gym where I used to be a member. They actually have COMFORTABLE places to put your hands when you’re walking. The reason I want to focus on cardio for a bit is that my blood pressure has been high and, historically, cardio exercise has brought it back down with no medication. Then I’m going to start adding weight work back. I have a friend who won a month at this gym, so I would have to go in the evenings instead of at lunch if I go with her. Which makes me think…I could do some cardio at lunch and go back for weight work in the evenings. Maybe….

Another thing I’ve started doing is keeping an exercise journal so I’ll know exactly where I’m improving. Longer times and faster speeds on the treadmill. Heavier weights or more sets on weight work. I think this will help me stay on track, too.

So what about you? What are you doing to take care of your health? Do you have health issues that exercise would help with?

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I wrote 834 words this week. I wrote one day. I kept having “reasons” not to write.

I worked out one day this week. Is there some kind of one day theme here?

I’m a total slacker. Please don’t try to tell me it’s okay. Don’t try to make me feel better. KICK MY BUTT. Seriously, that’s what I need right now.

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There are so many posts going around right now about NaNoWriMo. I can feel the excitement in the air. I remember that excitement from the two times I did NaNo. And I finished both times! But, alas, I no longer have the desire to participate in it. Since I’ve been doing ROW80, I’ve found that it’s the best fit. I know there are many people doing both, and that’s great. Just not me. There’s nothing wrong with DOING it or NOT DOING it. I’ve realized, since reading so many posts, that each person is different in how they approach NaNo and what they want to get out of it. I fully support all my writer friends who are participating in NaNo this year. I’m glad to cheer them on. It looks like it’s causing some people to be more productive. Yay. But I did want to share some reasons I’m not doing it anymore.

1. When my husband heard I was doing ROW80 the first time, he said “Oh, no, is it going to be like when you did NaNo? You were crazy.”

2. I would HAVE to write 50,000 words. Some people are saying they are doing other stuff, but it’s really not WINNING NaNo if you don’t do your 50K. And I’m so anal about this that I would drive myself crazy to get those words in, no matter what else I let go. (See number 1)

3. NaNo is supposed to be where you just throw 50K down, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s good or not. You’re just spouting words. Well, I just can’t write like that anymore. I’ve been doing this writing thing long enough that I usually have a pretty clean manuscript. When it goes through beta readers and gets edited, there is very little to change anymore. I CAN’T make myself write any other way.

4. Writing that many words in a month causes me a LOT of stress that I don’t need. (Again, see number 1)

If I didn’t work a full time job, I would consider it. I could easily write that many words if I had more time. But you guys who are working AND doing NaNo? Oh man, I ADMIRE you. I remember how hard it was! I’m behind all of you NaNoers 100 percent. Go for it, and have fun! And please don’t whisper about what a wimp I am. LOL

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