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There’s been no progress in writing or health this week so far. As most of you saw on my previous post, I have a family situation. What happened is that my dad had a massive stroke on Sunday. As of right now, he is still unconscious. They are calling it a coma because he’s been out longer than 48 hours. He does hear us, though, because he moves his legs and his heart rate goes up every time we talk to him. He was squeezing our hands in response, but he is no longer doing that. My step-sister, my half-sister, and I may have to make some decisions soon. My half-sister is going to look at his living will to see what his wishes are.

So I’ve been working until about 2:45 or 3:00 every day, then going to the hospital (about 40-45 miles away) to go to the first visitation at 4:00 PM. There’s another one at 8:30 PM, and I stayed for that one, too, yesterday. We can only stay for 30 minutes, and only 2 at a time (although, the three of us went in and they didn’t say anything). My half-sister has been there constantly, only going home at night to sleep. When Dad first went into the hospital, she was up 38 hours with no sleep. She’s superwoman.

Keep my family in your prayers, and if you don’t pray, please send us some good thoughts.


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