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A so-so week….

Writing: I only wrote 1748 words this past week. The only bright side to that is that it’s more than twice what I wrote the previous week. But I would really like to write a minimum of 2500, even though my goals are time goals, not word goals. But I do keep up with words. I just wish I could love this WIP. I’m working on that. There are many times I’l start a book, and I just can’t love it, but then after a few chapters, things start working. This one is just slower getting to that point.

Health: I’m on track with exercise. I walked on the treadmill at the gym four days. I ramped it up a little on Friday, going a little faster and a little longer. I’m having some trouble with feet, ankles, and knees, but I’m just working through the pain. If it gets bad, I might have to think about doing something different. It sucks getting older. 😦 I still need to work on my eating habits. I’m doing a little better. I had soup and salad for lunch today, and I didn’t eat it all. Of course, now I’m starving. LOL

And on a topic that has nothing to do with goals…but it’s my blog, so you can either read on or not. LOL I’ve been searching for an actor that I think would be a good fit for my character, John, in Haunted Lake. I’ve never been able to find just that right guy. But I’ve finally found him! Jay Ryan from Beauty and the Beast! Not only does he have the scar (on the show, not in real life), but he has the raspy voice my character has. John actually has more scars than Vincent from BatB, but he is a LOT like I pictured him in my story. I’m so glad to have finally found him! Here’s a link to his picture on IMDB. Jay Ryan as Vincent

What’s new with the rest of you?


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