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I don’t have much to report. I would have been caught up as of last night, but I got in so late from a Pampered Chef party, that I was too tired. And I had to finish watching Captain America so my husband could take it back to Blockbuster. So I’ll probably catch up in a couple of days. Not too bad considering how far behind I got on vacation. 🙂

Speaking of Captain America. Has anyone else seen the movie? Was anyone else disappointed? I’m beginning to think that I’m getting too used to special effects in these types of movies, because I miss them when they’re not there. And there aren’t too many of them in this movie. But the story line didn’t interest me that much either. I mean, it was ok, but it wasn’t that interesting. I couldn’t make myself care about it that much. (After all, I did fall asleep while I was watching it the first time.) So far, Iron Man has been my favorite among the graphic novel based movies. I’m really hoping The Avengers will be good. Anybody else got an opinion? Is it just me?


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