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I found this awesome app for my Droid. It’s a calorie counter, and so far, it’s had in the database every food at every restaurant I’ve been to in the last week. It even had the soft pretzels filled with cheese that I had in my freezer. And the Pillsbury biscuit breakfasts I’ve had. It’s had every single food that I’ve eaten! It figures your recommended calories based on your height, current weight, gender, and activity level as well as how fast or slow you want to lose weight. It’s actually giving me more calories than I thought I should have, but I’ve lost weight even going over my recommended calories on some days. I lost two lbs. this week! I could have lost more if I had stuck to the right amount of calories. It also lets you track your weight and gives you a little graph to see your progress. Even though it mostly keeps up with the calories you’re supposed to have and what you have left, it also tracks how many carbs, proteins, fats, etc. that you’ve consumed. It also tracks your exercise, but…ahem…I haven’t needed that feature yet…. Oh, did I mention this app was free?


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