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It amazes me the things people can start arguments about on blogs. Sometimes I wish comments would be turned off on some of them. Because it’s like a train wreck…I don’t want to look, but I can’t help it. So I have to read everything. LOL

I was reading about a recipe – A RECIPE – and this huge argument ensued. The recipe listed “free range eggs” as an ingredient. Someone made a joke about it, asking why they had to use free range eggs. People started getting really ugly and some of the people who believed using free range eggs was the only responsible choice said some ugly things about the ones who didn’t care. This was a recipe. I just can’t believe how mean people can get. That’s why I rarely participate in conversations like that.

The other day, someone was writing on Livejournal about racism at a “Feminist” conference. I jokingly said, “isn’t that sexist?” You know, it was funny because…racism, sexism…. Someone jumped right on me about that. I had to assure them that I was just messing with the author of the post, who is a friend. I can’t believe how you have to watch every little thing that you say on the internet, even when you’re joking. People need to lighten up!

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