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I’ve written the first chapter of the new novella that’s been floating around in my brain. At least I think it’s going to be a novella. I don’t feel like it’s going to be novel length, but you never know. It feels really good to finally be writing another story instead of just editing. This thing has been in my head for awhile, and I was afraid that if I didn’t start writing it, I was going to let it slip away.

Here’s the thing about novels vs novellas. I can put a novella on Amazon Kindle for $ .99 and it sells well. But i can put a novel on there for $1.99 and…not so much. It’s like people will take a chance on a new or unknown author for $ .99, but not for $1.99. And I feel like I put too much work into a novel to sell it for only that much. It should be at least $1.99. So right now, I have my two novels on Kindle for a limited time for $ .99 to see what will happen when lowering the price.

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