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J. A. Konrath

I’m reading a book by J. A. Konrath right now, and I have to say, it’s really good! I learned about this author through Zoe Winter’s blog and I thought I would give one of his books a try. The prices on his books are very reasonable on Amazon, unlike some authors who charge way too much for E-Books.

This particular book is called “The List”. The main characters are copies (not exactly clones) of famous historical figures, and the book is action packed, a little disturbing, and chocked full of humor. When I started reading it, I wasn’t expecting the humor. It was a pleasant surprise. I’m going to be reading more by Mr. Konrath.


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I’m not usually someone who stresses out easily. In fact, I’m not really THAT stressed out now – maybe just anxious. I’ve got so many things going on. I’m editing a book for Jonathan Eli, editing my own book to put on Amazon (deadline May 28), trying to work with Tanya (who’s working so hard) to figure out the cover, and there’s this other book rolling around in my head! And I don’t have time to start writing it. I need to write some notes, but I’m not used to writing with notes. Everything just goes straight from my brain to my fingers. But, at the same time, I’m afraid I’m going to forget something. I’ve actually got two ideas, but one will never make it as a novel, so it will have to be a short story or novella. If only I didn’t have a full time job, I could do so much more! Grrrrrr.

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I’m An Author

I’m an author. I never thought I would really be able to say it. But I’m published. I used to say, “Well, I’m only self published.” Now, the word “only” is a dirty word. Self-publishing is empowering. No one can tell you what to write or to change what you wrote. I’ve learned a lot from Zoe Winters. She has been an inspiration to me for years, first to pursue my writing, and second, to be proud to be an indie author. Thanks, Zoe, for all you’ve done for me and many other independents. You rock!

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Paranormal Stuff?

Why is it that I only write paranormal books and novellas when I’m such a skeptic in real life? I don’t believe in ghosts, vampires, elves, or sorcerers. I think it’s because sometimes we need to go somewhere different…somewhere you can’t go in real life. That’s where paranormal and fantasy books can take you.

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