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I didn’t get quite as many words in last week. Life happened, but it’s okay. I still got a fairly decent word count. Mon-719, Thurs-745, Sat-1733.

I was going to cut out patterns and possibly material yesterday. However, I couldn’t find my good scissors. They weren’t in my old cross stitching stuff, which is where I thought they were. They weren’t in my jewelry making stuff. I don’t know WHERE they are. And you can’t cut material with crappy scissors. So I guess I’ll be buying new ones.

I saw a GREAT movie on Netflix, recommended by Susan Bischoff. It was Fire with Fire about two teenagers in love. That’s all I’m going to say about it. Go watch it. (Don’t get it mixed up with a more recent movie with the same name.)

What have the rest of you been doing?


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I have a question for everyone. Is there a movie that you absolutely love, but it’s so unknown that most of us would never have heard of it. If so, what is the movie, and what makes it so special? Why do you like this movie so much?

If I had to pick a favorite lesser known movie, it would have to be Half Light, starring Hans Matheson and Demi Moore. The way I even saw this movie was just luck. My husband was at Blockbuster looking for a movie I might like. Usually, he’s looking for something for himself, but this time he just happened to get something for me. I had never heard of the movie and saw that it had gone straight to DVD. After viewing it, I immediately had to buy my own copy.

Why do I like this movie? Several reasons. It’s really dark, for one thing. There’s a mystery to be solved. It’s set in Scotland. Hans Matheson is really hot in this movie, and the love scene is awesome. (I lusted after Hans Matheson for weeks after watching this movie the first time.) Several weird things happen, and I’m all about the weird stuff. There was just something about this movie that touched me deeply. And this was a ghost story…my favorite kind!

I would love to hear about your favorite lesser known movie!

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