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I hope all of you had a Happy New Year and are raring to go for 2016!

My theme for this year is FOCUS. I’ve made a little acronym for this, detailing what I want to focus on.

Using time wisely

See what I did there? 🙂

If you saw my last post, you know I have a brand spanking new Spark Planner. (I had pictures.) There’s a place to put your yearly goal, and my FOCUS acronym is what I’m putting there.

For this round, I want to finish my WIP for my Lauralynn name. I would like to start on my third mystery novella for my Catherine name, but I have a lot of editing jobs coming up, so we’ll see.

For the year, I would like to publish three novels/novellas. One for each pen name, and the other for whichever pen name calls to me. Again, we’ll see.

Fitness is going to be key this round and the rest of the year. That’s going to be my main focus. When I’m fit, I’m more productive in all areas of my life. I have more energy, more stamina.

All the words in my acronym will play important roles in my life going forward.

What are YOUR plans?


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It’s unusual for me to miss the Sunday check in, but I just didn’t really get on my computer yesterday. I can tell that by all the emails I had waiting in my inbox today. I was just kind of unplugged yesterday. Not my normal day.

I really didn’t get much done last week. Fewer than 1,000 words. I finally figured out what my problem is, I just don’t know what to do about it. I can’t FOCUS. Every time I sit down to write, all these things are going through my head. Stuff I need to be doing. Like Saturday, all I could think of was that I needed to go to the pharmacy and get the needles for my insulin pens. And sometimes I’m thinking about the housework that needs doing. Or something. If any of you have any good ideas on how to stay focused on my WIP instead of my brain flitting around to everything else, PLEASE let me know. I used to be able to churn out a story in no time, my fingers flying over the keyboard almost every day. Of course, my plots are becoming more complicated, too. Anyway…HELP!

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