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Did the world end? Did I miss it? LOL

This has been a frustrating round because of so many factors. I’ve done no writing since my dad’s illness and death. Then I found out I have diabetes which turns out CAN’T be controlled with oral medication, so I’m taking insulin shots. I feel like my life is a mess right now. So I put my writing on hold until next round. I didn’t get too far on my latest WIP, which I was struggling with anyway. I didn’t get Soul of a Vampire published in print. But, hopefully, I’ll get everything worked out so next round will be a success for me.

Some random things just for fun:

1. We solved the cat and Christmas tree issue by buying some really cheap ornaments to put on the tree, and leaving the good ornaments packed away. I put little jingle bells on the bottom branches. The cats are having a ball. (I hope they are old enough next year to behave so we can have “real” ornaments again.)

2. Exercise can bring your blood sugar down a LOT.

3. My boss set us up an account with a vendor, and for my password, he used “writer”. 🙂

4. My cat, Oz, has a big nose. (Okay, I’m running out of fun facts.)

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!


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