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No writing since Monday. I’m on vacation this week in Panama City Beach, so I hope to start tomorrow morning getting up before everyone else and doing my writing then. (Today was church day.)

This condo has no WiFi. I have to connect my computer directly to the modem. Fail! That means my husband can’t be on the internet at the same time as me with his computer, plus I can’t get on the WiFi with my iPad. I also can’t use the 4G on my iPad because I can’t pick up Verizon inside the condo. I have to go outside. Grrrr. On the bright side…the condo owner says if I go pick up a wireless router and hook it up to the modem, he will reimburse me for it. Win!

On the way here, while I was driving, hubby and I talked over his ideas for the book he wants me to write. He was jotting down all kinds of things as we talked. This was a first for us. We’ve never brainstormed about a book together before. It was an interesting experience. I really think I can write this book. I’ve never been a ghost writer before. Not to be confused with Ghost Rider, which would be Nicholas Cage. Never mind.


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