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I know this is a late check in, but I’m trying to be a better employee and not do too much personal stuff at work. And I had church tonight, so this is the first time I’ve really gotten to sit down and do anything.

I finally started back on the writing last night. I only got a little over 400 words down, even though I sat at the computer for almost an hour. This is partly because I changed a couple of things I had written earlier. I know most people think you should write a first draft, then do all the editing later. I work better if I edit as I go, then I have a cleaner first draft when I’m finished. When I think of something I want to add or change, I usually do it right then. Anyway, those changes plus a little snag slowed my word count down. The snag was because I couldn’t figure out what a certain artifact was supposed to do. I’ve done a little brainstorming with hubby, and I think we’ll come up with something. He’s proven to be a lot of help lately. He had a lot of input in The Gnome. One of the major ideas in the book was his. He’s come a long way from back when he was calling my writing a hobby. LOL

On the kitten front. I’ve been letting them come in the house and play some in the afternoons. Monday, instead of staying under the couch like they did the first time, they decided it would be fun to get into my potted plant and fling dirt everywhere. I tried to sweep up all the dirt before my husband saw it, but they can fling faster than I can sweep. 🙂 I just had to wait and clean up later. I WILL eventually get pictures, but right now I can’t get them to slow down enough. They’re just a blur of fur and claws.


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