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After finishing my writing project early and getting it published, I’m finding myself being very lazy during the break before round four. I should at least be taking some notes for the third novella in the trilogy. There are things going on in my head about it, but nothing on computer or paper. And I need to at least work on my eggshell ornaments or my jewelry for my Etsy shop. Oh, and the Apple Festival is coming up! I need more eggshell ornaments for that! I just reminded myself! LOL

On another note which has absolutely nothing to do with writing…. Has anyone seen the SciFi comedy, “Paul”? I shouldn’t have liked the movie. It was all corny and cheesy. I groaned when my husband brought it home. But I liked it! It didn’t matter to me if the “characters weren’t fleshed out” or the “plot was unbelievable”. I’m not even sure that was the case in this movie, but I’m sure someone will say it was. I was ENTERTAINED. And that’s how I’m different from a lot of writers. I don’t pick a movie apart. I don’t look at every little thing with criticism. If I enjoy a movie and it’s entertaining, I don’t care if it’s not perfect. Watching movies for me is about fun, whether it’s a comedy or an action movie. Or it’s about being scared if it’s a thriller or horror. I just want to get away from real life for awhile.

Has anyone else ever liked a movie that they really shouldn’t have liked? LOL


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