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The Boyle Brothers

I arrived at the Nashville airport early for my trip to Chicago, so I stopped at a restaurant called Tootsie’s in the airport. I was blown away by the live music playing there. There was this band of VERY young guys called The Boyle Brothers. They were so good at such a young age that it actually brought tears to my eyes. Great harmony! I ended up buying two of their CDs, one for me and one for a friend. The CD is good, but these guys are so much better live. It may just be the whole experience of seeing them while listening, but they are just awesome.

I’m sure these guys are indie musicians. I don’t know where they got their CDs made or anything, but there’s no record label on the CD. I was thinking, the whole time I was listening to them, that indies need to help each other whether it’s books, music, or whatever. That’s why I bought two CD’s. 🙂


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