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I’m a day late checking in, but there was so much going on yesterday that I just didn’t do it. So that means I’ll also be late checking on some of the other writers. Bad sponsor! 😐

Right now, I’m struggling with the cover art for Secrets of the Wolf. My cover designer Anya Kelleye is probably about to shoot me. But I just can’t seem to be satisfied. I keep making her change little things. LOL. I’m so glad she’s got such a laid back personality. Or she would have killed me by now. I’m also waiting on one more beta reader to give me her thoughts and point out more typos. Thank you for reading, J.R. So as soon as these two things are finished, I’ll be ready to publish the second novella in the Libby Fox series. I hope it will be ready for Labor Day weekend, but you never know how long it will take for the retailers to get things going. I’ve put my first novella in the series, Dark Relic: Vampires’ Curse, in the Indie Book Blowout for the Labor Day sale, so it would be great to get the second one out there, too.


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