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Hello, fellow ROW80ers! How is everyone doing?

As of last night, I was 5,332 words over my goal of 500 words per day. I should be at 10,000, but am at 15,332. I haven’t written yet today, since I always write in the evenings. I should get even more ahead because I have some ideas for the next scene that will be more than 500 words worth.

I’m a little concerned about in what direction this story is going. There was some violence in the last scene that I didn’t know was going to happen. Some of it was close to being a little “unusual”, and I don’t know where that came from. I haven’t written anything like that since I wrote Starfane. But the story will go where it goes. I usually let my characters do what they want to do. But it’s going way beyond a PG rating at this point, at least in my opinion.


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