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I still haven’t done any editing. Not in about a week and a half. Excuses: wedding, preparing for my trip, getting things ready for Vacation Bible School (which starts the day after I get back!). So I figure the best time to work on this is in the quiet of my hotel room.

Which brings me to the next thing…New York City! I’ve stressed about this trip because we are going to have to dress a certain way for certain functions Friday morning and Friday evening, and then we have an all day thing going on Saturday and I’ll be so tired. I also hate to fly, and our flight is 6:30 tomorrow morning. I don’t know WHY the guy I’m going with had to book the flight so early! We won’t even be able to get into our rooms when we get there. The good news is that I’ll have some free time on Friday afternoon. But it looks like it might rain. Bleh. I hate to go to NYC and not see anything there. Any suggestions on what to visit? Is there anything interesting around 57th (that’s where the hotel is)?

I wish my sweet hubby was going with me. 😦


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