Archive for April 13th, 2011

After all the problems with my laptop, I’m now only two words behind on my goal. Two words! You would think I would have thought of just two more words to write. LOL.

In other news…I’m reading a book where the writing is so awful, I can’t believe I’m still reading it. The thing is, the story is interesting enough to make me want to know what’s happening next. I keep wondering if I’m EVER going to finish this! Ugh. I actually downloaded a sample and it wasn’t bad. But the writing just kept getting worse. I can’t wait to start on something else so I can purge my mind of this book. I’m usually very easy to please, so if I don’t like it, most people won’t. It even switched from 1st person to 3rd person a few chapters into the book, which felt very strange. I know now how I can torture “The Pink Hammer”. Make her read this book. Hahahahahaha,


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