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Pet Peeve

I’ve said this before…one of my big pet peeves is people having blogs that are hard to comment on. I tried to post a comment to a blog today (it was one of the ones I was supposed to post to as a sponsor) and they had the open id option disabled. So if you didn’t use FB, Twitter, LJ, or some others I never heard of, you couldn’t post. I couldn’t post from my WordPress ID. I have a LJ account, but I never use it anymore. I wondered why no one else had commented on the post, and that’s apparently why.

Yesterday, I wanted to comment on a blog where I would have received a free ebook (it was that IBC indie author cage match). The author’s site thought I was spam. I answered the question that proved I wasn’t (math problem, 13+2), but when I submitted the comment I got this message “Sorry, but your comment appears to be spam.” What? Really? I tried several times because I REALLY wanted the book, and I wanted to comment on this blog (it’s a contest for the most comments). My friend didn’t have any problems commenting. Why didn’t it like me??? I promise, I answered that 13+2 was 15. 😦 I wouldn’t mind just buying the book, but I’m aggravated enough that I just won’t.

I’ve tried to make my site easy to comment on. The first time you comment, it has to be approved (to weed out the spammers), but after that, you should have no problems. But if anybody EVER has problems posting to my blog, PLEASE email me at lauralynnelliott@yahoo.com! I never want to make it hard for people to talk to me.


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