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Wednesday, I got my second Stitch Fix box. The last time, I kept two items from the box. This time, I kept three! And I paid about the same because the jeans in the last box were almost $30 more than the ones in this box. I had told the stylist I preferred more feminine things, and she tried to accommodate me. Here are the items I kept.


This shirt is an odd color. Sometimes it looks purple, and sometimes it looks brown. In the note from my stylist, she said she picked the embroidered blouse because I had mentioned I wanted to see some lace in this box. It’s not exactly lace, but it works.

I almost didn’t keep this one because I felt like it made me look heavier than usual. But I loved it so much! The designer took a blouse that would look very plain and added a ruffle at the bottom. It also has a large keyhole opening in the back with a ribbon that ties it at the top. I’m wearing this today, and it’s OH so comfy.


These jeans were a little…immodest for my taste. I specified straight leg jeans on my style profile, but she keeps sending me skinny jeans. Hubby even thought they were a little too tight in the rear. I liked them well enough that I decided I would keep them and make sure I wore long shirts with them. (I’m sure the guys here at work wouldn’t mind the jeans, LOL.) Anyway, the color isn’t exactly true in this picture. They are sort of a light bluish, greenish, grayish color. A little unusual, which I liked.
There was a sweater I didn’t keep because I thought it cost too much, and I was already at my budget. There was also a dress that was WAY too short. WAY!
This is so much fun that I decided to go ahead and let them send me a box every other month. I told my husband that my December Fix could be my Christmas gift. I hope I’ll be a size down by then and can change my profile. 🙂

If anyone is interested in doing this, please let me know. If you follow my assigned link and decide to sign up, I get a $25 credit toward my next Fix when you buy something. NOTE: The sizes only go up to size 14 at present, although they are working to change that. Also, these aren’t Wal-Mart clothes, so they can be a little pricey. That’s why I can’t keep a whole box, so I hope I never like everything in the box. LOL.


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Stitch Fix!

Thanks to THIS post by Jess Witkins, I ended up signing up for Stitch Fix. You can click on the link and go to their site to learn more about it, but basically, you receive a box of five items, you try them on, decide what to keep and what to send back. There are no shipping costs, and they send you a bag with the return label already affixed for what you send back. Anyway, I got my first box today. Here’s a picture of what I didn’t like. The shirt was too tailored and not feminine enough for me, plus it was really tight through the chest. And the earrings were bleh.

This next shirt is one I kind of wanted to keep. If the jeans hadn’t been SO expensive I probably would have. But the shirt was a little too big, anyway, and if I lose more weight, it won’t look good at all.


This next shirt, AND the jeans, were definitely keepers. The shirt fit perfectly and was so soft, I almost couldn’t feel the sleeves on my arms. And my husband really liked it, too, which surprised me. I didn’t think he would. And these jeans felt amazing. They’re a little long, but I can live with that, and they otherwise fit like a glove. These are the most expensive jeans I’ve ever owned. I gasped at the price. Then I kept them anyway. That’s how much I loved them.


So, anyway, if you ever decide to start doing this, I would so appreciate it if you would use my referral link here: Lauralynn’s Referral Link. I get $25 off a “Fix” the first time someone signs up through my link and buys something from HER fix. I used the link for Jess (not directly, but I got that fixed…long story). These aren’t cheap clothes. I could only afford two things this time. But they are high quality pieces. And you can choose how often you get a Fix. Once a month, every two months, or you can tell them when you want your next one each time.

All in all, even though I was disappointed in how expensive the clothes were, I was very pleased. I still wish I could have kept that other blouse. But maybe in the next Fix, I won’t buy something as expensive as those jeans and will be able to get three or four pieces. I can’t wait until October!

One more thing…I don’t buy clothes that often, but Stitch Fix is a reward for some good habits I’m establishing and daily things I’m doing. I deserve this reward. 🙂

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