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I’ve pondered about this round’s goals. I see a lot of people list a LOT of goals. Sometimes it makes me feel inadequate. Then I realized, I have a full time job, a writing job, and a proofreading job. So I’m cutting myself some slack. I’m only going to list goals I think I can accomplish.

So here goes.

1) Write anthology novella

2) Write at least a quarter of the Soul of a Vampire sequel (I already have it plotted out).

3) Plot out the 2nd novella in the series I’m writing under the other pen name.

4) Continue to lose weight toward my “Operation Kick the Insulin” goal for 2015. (I’m not giving specific weight loss goals because some of that isn’t under my control.)

I think that’s enough. Not overwhelming, but enough to keep me on my toes.


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