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I had a very interesting conversation with my mom last night. She’s, of course, my biggest fan. She was talking about the Nora Roberts series she was currently reading. This is kind of how the conversation went.

Mom: “I’m reading this Nora Roberts series, and it’s really good.”
Me: “I don’t really like her books that well. Not my thing. But she’s a good writer.”
Mom: “Yes, she is. But she’s no better than you.”
Me: “What?” Much laughter from me.
Mom: “Your books are just as good. They’re just different from hers.”
Me: “But she’s a much better writer than I am.”
Mom: “What makes her a better writer?”
Me: “She just is.”
Mom: “She’s not better than you. I like your books just as much as hers.”
Big grin from me. My mother loves me.


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