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I love to cook when I have time. I’m ready to start cooking more, and I love my subscription to Fine Cooking magazine. The problem is finding some of the ingredients. For instance, I love European butter. It’s richer and tastier than American butter, and it actually keeps longer. We used to have a gourmet food store here in my town which was owned by the same people who own a local grocery store. Unfortunately, the gourmet store didn’t do well (I think the location was bad), so they remodeled the grocery store and combined the two. So now we have a grocery store that carries SOME gourmet items. Unfortunately, the Irish butter they used to carry is missing from their stock. I saw European butter on Amazon sold by a company call “igourmet”, but I’m not sure I want butter shipped to me. It doesn’t say how they pack it, and I’m afraid it will spoil en route.

Do any of you have places you order hard to find food items? I’m hoping I can find porcini mushrooms and fontina cheese locally for a rice dish I want to make. But it would be great to find one website, or maybe one seller on Amazon (it would be better if it shipped FROM Amazon since I have Prime) to order from. Any ideas?


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