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Finally, Vacation Bible School is over! Whew, I was exhausted every night. It’s amazing how dealing with 6 and 7 year old boys can wear you out. But it was also a very rewarding time. I was the “cool” teacher who let them sit ON the table instead of AT the table. Except the last night, which was punishment for being rowdy the night before. I know, I’m so mean. Imagine punishing first and second graders by NOT letting them sit on the table. LOL. It was a fun week, but I’m glad it’s over.

Now it’s time to get back to writing. I have NO excuses not to do it now. Hubby is back at work and doing well. VBS is over. Work is slowing down, and I’m caught up from being on vacation. NO excuses. Plus, the two good reviews I posted about yesterday has upped my motivation a bit. So I look forward to start back on my WIP. It’s a complicated plot, and it’s going to be hard and slow going, but I can DO this.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who contributed to the fund for me that Kait set up when my husband was in the hospital and then out of work. I keep trying to find words that are adequate to express my feelings, but they all just fall flat. Many of you contributed. Some of you bought my books. And so many of you sent me prayers and/or good wishes, and that means so much to me. I just can’t say enough. I don’t know HOW to say enough. Hospital bills have started coming in, and the $1800+ that was raised really helped. The writing community is made up of good-hearted people. And the readers are awesome, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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I thought I was ready to get back to writing, but I really wasn’t. Also, there has been a lot going on in the house. My brother is helping do some things to get my office looking more like, well, an office. 🙂 My son and his family were here yesterday, so there was lots of fun with a two-year-old that calls me “Mimi”. I love having her here, but boy am I ever tired when she leaves! When my son started dating someone with a baby, I was so afraid of getting attached to the little girl and then having to get unattached when they broke up. But after two years, they are now engaged, and it looks like I’ll have this little granddaughter around for a long time. So that makes Mimi happy.

I really hope to get back to writing this week. I just couldn’t make myself do it last week, so I guess I wasn’t over the stress enough. I know a lot of writers actually do better when they are full of angst, but not me. I like to be happy when I write, even when I’m writing dark stuff.

I lost my best friend two years ago, and I don’t feel like I’ve really grieved like I should. I’ve had a few moments, but not REAL grieving moments. While I was cleaning things out of my office yesterday, I found a box of her jewelry that I got to keep after she died. Inside was the little two page thingy (I can’t remember what they’re called) that was given out at her memorial service. I actually put the thing together and printed it out. It had some scripture and some quotes picked out by her family members. And there was a lovely poem on the back written by a good friend of hers. I started going through her jewelry, then I read the poem. The floodgates opened, and I cried like a baby. It took me two years to really cry like that. I used to cry more easily, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve hardened a little. I was just glad my husband was still in bed. That kind of grieving needs to be done alone.

As far as my husband’s health goes, we’re frustrated because his blood isn’t thinning out as fast as it should. It’s actually not as thin as it was while he was in the hospital, but he was also taking an extra blood thinner there that was an injection. His doctor has upped his Coumadin dosage twice. He still has the clot in his leg, and if his blood does’t get thin enough, that could be a potential problem. We don’t want another lung clot! Keep us in your prayers, and if you don’t pray, send us good thoughts and vibes. We need all the help we can get. The doctor thinks he might be able to go back to work a little sooner than we thought, but only if he can get his blood thinned out better. I keep wondering when the hospital and doctor bills will start coming in. Again, I can’t thank Kait enough for setting up that fundraiser for me and I thank all of you that donated to it. There’s enough there right now for a mortgage payment and a car payment. You guys are the cream of the crop!

Wish me luck for actually getting writing done this week. Hopefully, the rest of you are making progress!

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I debated on whether or not to link up to the linky tool today. I don’t really have anything to report for ROW80 except for one thing…the authors in this community have really rallied together to help me in so many ways. Even when you all just stop by with prayers, thoughts, or virtual hugs, it means a great deal to me. The support in this community is phenomenal, and I am so grateful to every one of you. I’m also so very grateful for the increased book sales and the contributions you have made to the fundraiser Kait has set up for my family. I had no idea she was going to do that, and I still don’t have words to express how I feel about that. It’s kind of embarrassing to NEED help, but I know I shouldn’t feel that way. I’ve always enjoyed giving to fundraisers when I could, but I never thought I would be a recipient. Kait has a heart of gold, and so do those of you who have helped. And Anya is still talking about all this on Facebook, trying to help me with book sales.

So here’s a report for those of you who are wondering how hubby is doing. First of all, I’ve realized he was more seriously ill than I really knew. I knew it was bad, but just not how bad. The clot in his lung could have caused so many problems. Most of you know my best friend died of this same thing, but apparently she didn’t die the way I thought, now that I know more about it. I thought the clot left the lung and went to her heart. That’s not the way it works. From what I’ve read, the clots that go to the heart and brain are from the arteries. The ones that travel to the lungs (and these are more common) come from the veins (mostly in the legs). Clots in the lungs cause lack of oxygen, and that can affect many other parts of your body. Many people go into shock from clots in the lungs. The reason hubby was in ICU for so long was because his oxygen level wasn’t coming up enough. When they were able to turn his oxygen down a bit, he was put into a regular room. But his blood still isn’t thin enough to go home. I don’t know when he’s going to get out of the hospital.

So, I’m working some every day now, although not the whole day. I’m going back and forth from work and the hospital. My husband will be out of work 2-4 months, and he is the major source of income. The medical bills will be pretty big because insurance doesn’t pay it all. So the fundraiser Kait set up is going to help a lot. I’m so, so grateful.

I just want to say a word about the hospital. I live in a fairly small city. The hospital here doesn’t have the best reputation, and most people go to one of the two larger hospitals about 40 miles away. I had a friend upset me yesterday because she begged me to get a second opinion. But I can say that my husband had been treated with the utmost care at this facility. Everyone has been professional, but also very, very kind. The doctors are great, the nurses are awesome. There’s always a smile on everyone’s face. And I’ve been reading a lot about his situation, and the research I’ve done shows that the hospital is doing everything they are supposed to do in this situation. I don’t know why people always talk about the negative things and rarely talk about the positive things. This world would be a much better place if people would just be nice to each other and do the best job they can do, no matter what it is.

I didn’t mean to get so long-winded. But I guess I’ve just needed to let some words out. Because, you know, that’s what writers do. 🙂

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