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I’m sitting here watching, again, my favorite movie, Half Light. I found this movie by accident, or I should say, my husband found it. One time, several years ago, he was in the video store and picked it up, thinking it looked like something I would like. He was right. I later bought the movie on DVD. I was searching through Netflix this morning, looking for a mystery to watch, and I saw it. I had to watch it again.

Why this is my favorite movie:

1. The setting in Scotland is BEAUTIFUL.
2. Even though it’s not scary, it’s eerie.
3. The people in the town are strange and mysterious.
4. The acting is great – Demi Moore and Hans Matheson.
5. There’s a romance between a tortured writer and a mysterious lighthouse keeper.
6. There’s a couple of really strange twists that I didn’t see coming.

There’s so much to love about this movie. My husband doesn’t really like it. It’s not his kind of thing. I absolutely love the mysterious, creepy feel of the movie. It IS my kind of thing.

So maybe you should give it a try. I have to warn you…something very tragic happens in the beginning of the movie, and it’s really bad. So if you can’t handle stuff like that, you better not watch it. But the thing has to happen to set up the rest of the movie. And don’t expect a normal HEA. I wanted to scream at the movie. But there is some satisfaction. The only thing that might frustrate you (it did me) about the movie is that there are a few things that I think were left unanswered. But I think that’s kind of on purpose so you can draw your own conclusions. And there’s a couple of times the townspeople speak in Gaelic, and you never know what they said…unless you speak Gaelic.

Okay, I’m going to unpause the movie and carry on.

P.S. I’ve apparently posted about this movie before because when I was doing the tags for the post, some of the stuff automatically came up, so I’ve used those tags before. LOL


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