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I just got an email that said Stephen King’s novel, 11/22/63 will be released on Nov. 8, so I guess you can pre-order. There was a link to the Amazon page. The “enhanced” ebook is $18.99. The hard cover edition is on sale for $18.42 (reg. $35.00). This is just wrong. And people wonder why some authors want to be indie?

The first ebook I ever loaded on my Kindle on Christmas day was Stephen King’s “Under the Dome”. It was $9.99. I thought that was a lot for a book that didn’t have any paper, ink, or other “physical” costs. But, hey, it was Stephen King, right? I’ve never paid that much for an ebook since. When I saw this email today, I was shocked. $18.99 for an ebook? Why wouldn’t I just buy the hard cover? It makes me think that might be the whole point. Trying to sell the hard cover edition instead of the ebook. I have no idea.

I wonder if I’ll get any hate mail because of this post. LOL.


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