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I couldn’t figure out whether to feature Donny Osmond or Johnny Winter today. Yes, my musical taste is as eclectic as my reading taste. So many genres, so little time, both in music and in books. Anyway, I digress. I was looking for a Donny Osmond song today because of a post a friend of mine wrote. I was so blown away by watching older Donny Osmond sing along with his younger self. It gave me chills. So I’m sharing it with you.


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For a long time, I kept my satellite radio on the 60’s station. I always loved 60’s music, especially the Beatles. I’ve been a Beatles fan since I was 6 years old which is when I got my first album. But I realized that there are a LOT of boring songs on that 60’s station, too, so I was getting burned out. So I switched to the 70’s station. And discovered high school again! LOL. Yes, I was in high school during the mid 70’s. I bet a lot of you thought I was a lot younger, didn’t you? 😉 I also spent a LITTLE of the 70’s in the 7th and 8th grades. Since I”ve started listening to the 70’s station, I realized that there is a LOT of good music in that decade. And it was so varied. There were groups like the Osmonds, Jackson 5, Sylvers. Then there were the Four Tops, Spinners, and others that all dressed alike and did those cool dance moves while they were singing. And then there was Aerosmith, the Grass Roots (one of my favorite groups), the Three Dog Night. I’m not sure what to call each kind of music, although some of it was rock n roll. But for your listening pleasure, I’ve picked a few favorites of mine from my early years. Enjoy!

Osmonds (Donny was so cute!)

Grass Roots (ok, I admit this is probably from the 60’s but I listened to these guys in the 70’s. Notice how the two lead singers sound almost exactly alike!)

Joe Tex on Soul Train (I loved to watch Soul Train and I thought this song was cool. And I was dancing in my chair here in my office while listening to this.)

And my all-time favorite song by Paul McCartney when he was with Wings

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