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I’m a little disappointed. The natural deodorant I made is causing a rash. And it’s very uncomfortable. So much that I’m not wearing ANY deodorant today. It’s a really good thing it’s winter time and we’re having cold temperatures. If it was summer, I might not smell so great. LOL. Anyway, I can’t figure out which ingredient is making me break out. It really shouldn’t be the coconut oil because that’s what my moisturizer is made with, and my face is fine. So it has to be either the baking soda or the arrowroot powder. My husband seems to think the culprit is more than likely the baking soda. Baking soda is pretty alkaline, about a 9 on the scale, I think. Not enough to be caustic, but pretty high. I have no idea about the arrowroot powder. I’m very upset about this because I LOVE this deodorant. It goes on smoothly, smells great, and seems to work really well (summertime would be the test, though). I’m not sure which ingredient actually neutralizes the odor, although I suspect the baking soda has a lot to do with it. So just using coconut oil by itself probably wouldn’t work. It probably wouldn’t dry well either. Every homemade deodorant recipe I saw used those three ingredients I mentioned. Does anyone have any ideas? Do you guys think it’s the baking soda? Do any of you have any experience with this?


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