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Hey there! It’s meeeeee! Surprised? I know, I’ve been kind of quiet lately. Honestly, I know everyone would get tired of hearing “Edited for a client. Did no writing.” And that’s about all I could say.

So…Saturday, I spent several hours formatting a print book for a friend. I thought maybe after I got up and grabbed a bite, I could sit down and write a little bit. I couldn’t see the words! Everything was a blur. I guess I’d just sat in front of the screen too long. That happens to me at work sometimes. Anyway, that meant no writing on the weekend. Then… I decided to take a steno pad and a pen to lunch at a local restaurant right down the road. Just a little family restaurant where the atmosphere is relaxed. I started writing. And writing. And writing. It was awesome! I usually don’t write with pen and paper because my hands just can’t do it. But for that little hour, I was able to get some words down. I ended up writing about six pages. I won’t know how many words until I type it, but I was really into the story. So yay!


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