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This is what I found on my bedroom wall this morning. Centipedes creep me out worse than spiders. This is the kind of thing that happens since I live practically in the woods. Being in the boonies has its advantages and disadvantages. *shudders*

I haven’t done any writing for several days. I had a line editing job I wanted to get done because I have several coming up, and I needed to make sure I got this one done in a timely manner. I have a little breather for a couple of weeks, so I can work on writing. I have a current editing job, but I can go a little slower on it because the deadline is a little ways out. That way I can work on both writing and editing. I don’t think I’ll make my monthly quota for July, but I’m going to be close.

I’ll be in Philadelphia on a business trip Tuesday through Friday, and I’ll probably get some work done in the hotel room. They usually have some kind of reception for two nights, and I always skip out of those early because I can only stand all the people for so long. LOL


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