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forge badgeThings have been going along smoothly, but I’ve suddenly found myself with three proofreading jobs coming up (already working on one). I always sort of have a dilemma with this as pertains to my actual writing, but I have to look at my client jobs first because that brings in more money that my writing at the moment. That might change someday, but right now I have to be practical. I can easily work on 2-3 proofreading jobs simultaneously (or back to back depending on their deadlines), but to do that AND write is tricky. However, I have a goal of 150,000 words for this year, which averages out to 12,500 per month, and I intend to make that goal. I made the January goal, but fell a little short (by about 1100 words) on February. I can still make that up later. In order to make the goal of 150K, I have to write 411 words per day. I usually write more than that, and I take a couple days a week off. So my plan is to just try to make the 411 (15-30 minutes) a day while I’m proofing for others, then when I have no proofing jobs, I can write more and try to get ahead. That’s the plan right now.

So…my lunch hours and my after work hours will be spent proofreading. I’ll be a busy bee. 🙂 And I’m very thankful for the jobs.


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