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I wasn’t going to post today because I’m so sick I was afraid nothing would make sense. I haven’t been this sick in awhile. The only reason I’m pretty sure it isn’t the flu is that I haven’t had a fever at all. Just all the other symptoms.

Anyway, I’m a guest author at Facebook party at the moment, so I figure if I have to be on the computer anyway, I might as well pop over here and state goals. If there are typos in this post it’s because I’m pretty much brain dead right now.

Here’s my plan for 2015.

1) Finish and publish the novella written under my other pen name for the anthology I’m doing with another author. Goal to finish: January 31
2) Finish the mystery I’ve started and publish under that same pen name. Goal to finish: Mid to Late March
3) Write and publish at least one title under my Lauralynn name. I have three ideas and don’t yet know which one I’m going with. Goal: Sometime this year.

As far as the goals for THIS round, the first two goals would probably qualify since I want to have the mystery finished by March. I’ve found myself to be more productive lately, but the last three days has shot that down. There’s no telling what my story would look like if I tried to write it while I’m sick!

Anyway, I plan to make this first round the most productive in a long time. I’ve been with ROW80 from the very beginning, and I used to be very productive. I want to be that way again!


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