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I was thinking I only published Fire Wizard this year. But then I realized I actually published Hearts of Evil in 2014, so it was two books instead of one. So I guess I accomplished more than I thought. I did start writing Hearts of Evil in 2013, though, so I didn’t actually WRITE two full books in 2014. Although, since I wrote part of Hearts of Evil in 2014 and ALL of Fire Wizard in 2014, PLUS I wrote some words on a novella and a novel in 2014, it probably adds up to two books. 🙂

Here’s my plan for 2015.

1) Finish and publish the novella written under my other pen name for the anthology I’m doing with another author. Goal to finish: January 31
2) Finish the mystery I’ve started and publish under that same pen name. Goal to finish: Mid to Late March
3) Write and publish at least one title under my Lauralynn name. I have three ideas and don’t yet know which one I’m going with. Goal: Sometime this year.

This is a big thing for me because it will involve a lot of discipline to write that much. No more slacking for me. I have to go into my office and write. That’s the only way I can produce words. No more trying to write with the laptop on my lap while hubby is watching TV.

My PERSONAL goal for this year is to gradually cut down on my insulin until I’m completely off of it by the end of the year. This is a goal I may or may not be able to control. I’ll get to my proper weight by eating better and exercising more. If my diabetes can be controlled this way, that’s great. But sometimes it’s too late for that. I’m going to try, though. We’ll see what happens.


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