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My goal is to write 3,000 word per week. I did it this week. I wrote 3,875 on my current WIP. It’s getting really complicated and twisty, but I think I’ve got it under control. I think I’m just within a few chapters of finishing this thing, so I’m really hoping I’ll have a release before Christmas. It’s going to depend on beta readers.

My other goal is to visit several of my fellow ROW80ers each week. If any of you saw my apology post recently, you’ll know I’ve been very neglectful of that lately. I don’t know when I’ll get those visits done because I have a full day tomorrow after church. We’re going to a baby shower and to visit our son and his wife, and we’re going to church with them tomorrow night. They live about an hour away, so it will be kind of late when I get back. But I’m going to try to pop in on some people’s blogs Monday while I’m at work.

So how are the rest of you doing? Who’s doing NaNo? Not me! 😉


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The leaves that I thought would NEVER turn, finally did. It happened in, like, two days. It was so windy last night, and all my windows were open. It seemed like perfect Halloween weather. And I’m feeling a renewed motivation for writing. I want to go into my office, close the door (if I can get the cats in there with me because that’s where their litter box is), and sit down with a cup of hot tea and some snacks, and write, write, write. Maybe iced tea, if it’s too warm in there. But tea. And snacks.

I might run into a small snag because someone might want me to go eat dinner with them. But that’s no excuse. It won’t be all night. And I can stay up late since it’s Friday night. I must write!

Do any of you feel renewed at the change of seasons? What season makes you feel rejuvenated?

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