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Today’s post is totally different from yesterday’s. Everything got worked out that had hurt my feelings. The cigarette smoke still bothers me, but at least I don’t have that bad feeling about the city anymore. I was just so stressed last night, and I felt terrible.

Today’s classes were great. The high points for me was attending H.P. Mallory’s class and getting to meet her in person. She and I started this indie thing at about the same time. I didn’t think she would remember me, but she did. 🙂 Then I got to do Mark Coker’s class. I’m sure most of you know he is the founder and owner of Smashwords.

Then there was the costume ball. Anya and I dressed up in our finest and had fun. There was actually a wedding during the party. I didn’t know Jimmy Thomas had a license to marry anyone, but he did. It was cool. The best part was seeing all the costumes and taking pictures. When I get back home and save to my laptop, I’ll post some. I’m on my iPad right now because it has 4G on it. The wifi here is too expensive, so I haven’t used my laptop.

Anyway, I’ve had a lot of fun today, so now I feel bad about whining yesterday. But I felt so depressed I had to share. Things were much better today!


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