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Fun in Vegas…not

This is probably not a good time to be writing this post because I’m a little emotional right now, but I can’t go into why. But I’m not happy right now.

Anyway…I have found I don’t like Vegas. Everything smells like cigarette smoke. The laws here are different than in Tennessee. You can smoke anywhere, and people do. I feel like I’m going to come back with lung cancer. I ended up working filling swag bags and doing other volunteer stuff all day. I’m tired. The kick off party was good because there was an amazing Elvis impersonator. But I felt so alone at the party. I ended up sitting with a couple because no one seemed to be talking to them and I felt bad. They were a sweet couple but seemed shy. Someone really nice I had met earlier ended up sitting with us, so that was nice. This place isn’t for me, though. I don’t know most of these people. There were a couple I know from Facebook, and it was REALLY nice meeting them. But I miss being with my friends. I want to go back home. But I have four more days here. I miss my ROW80 people because I’ve been so busy getting ready for this event that I haven’t interacted.

I’m hoping I will enjoy the classes the next couple of days. That will take my mind off things that have bothered me. I don’t even look forward to the costume ball because I’ll just feel alone again. I’m tempted not to go. I just shouldn’t be here.

I hope this sadness I’m feeling is temporary and I will be back to my optimistic self tomorrow. I will NOT cry.


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