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Those of you who follow my blog know what’s going on. My husband has been in ICU with a blood clot in his lung and another in his leg. This has involved getting to see him four times a day and spending most of the rest of the days and nights in the waiting room. Luckily, I had my own little cubicle. Yesterday, he was moved to a regular room, and they found me a recliner to sleep in. Let’s just say the couch in my cubicle was much more comfortable. I’ve had very little sleep. My arms kept going to sleep when I lie on my side.

I was so strong for the first three days, but these last couple…I keep bursting into tears. Stress, fear, lack of sleep, it all takes it’s toll. I was told it could take a couple of weeks for these clots to dissolve. We are both out of work, obviously, at the moment. Oh how I wish my book sales would take off for just a little while so the lack of work wouldn’t hurt so badly.

So, anyway, I guess it’s obvious I didn’t get any writing done. Maybe things will get better later in the week….


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