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The Gnome is finally available on Smashwords. The Gnome

Writing and editing this book has been a long and trying process. It was out of my normal genre, but I did it anyway. LOL. One of the things I worried about the most was how I would do on the action scenes. And the funny thing is, one of my beta readers said those were the parts she thought I excelled in. Go figure. I’m still really worried about how this book will be received. My two “author” beta readers both said they were always waiting to see what would happen next, so hopefully I can keep at least some people entertained. An “avid reader” beta reader really liked it, too. My other beta reader…I’m not too sure about. She really doesn’t like horror at all, but agreed to read this one since she’s read the rest of my books. She’s still waiting on the Christian romance I’m going to publish under a different name. That’s the kind of thing she likes. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve already revealed the cover, so I won’t put a huge picture in this post. Hopefully, Amazon will have it on their site tomorrow (they’re a lot faster than they used to be), and who knows about B & N. Now, it’s on to writing more on my WIP!


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