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I started a story for ROW80, and I’ve just been frustrated with it. I’ve written on it two days, and it was all I could do to get my 700 words out each day because I just wasn’t enjoying it. I had no idea where I wanted this story to go other than this vague thing in my head. But this morning, an idea for another story hit me and it just started flooding my mind. I knew exactly where this one was going. THIS is the story I was meant to write, NOT the one I was struggling with. And most of you know I have a lot of trouble figuring out a title for my books. The title to this one came almost immediately after the idea. I’m going to do a search and see if there are other books with the same title, but even if I find some, I’ll probably stick with it. Because there are LOTS of books out there with the same title. I said I wasn’t going to do another vampire story in the near future and that I was going to stick to ghosts. But a vampire got into my head and said “You have to write about me. Now!” So I have no choice. This is SO exciting. I haven’t been this pumped up about a story since Haunted Lake! Woohoo!


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