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As of right now, I’m about a day behind in word count. But at one point I was almost three days behind, so not too bad. I can make up that extra 500-600 words in no time.

My problem right now is that I feel like my story is dragging a little. I don’t want to get into the action too quickly, but I’m afraid I’ve put in too much stuff that’s unnecessary. But at the same time, I’ve had complaints, especially in the novellas, that I didn’t put in enough about the characters or the places. There are some people who want more detail and some who want less. You can’t please everyone. So what do you do? I just don’t want the story to drag on and on until the scary part starts. One thing I need to go back and do is give a little back story on the male MC. I don’t think we know enough about him.

So, here’s some questions. Do you like to know a lot or just a little about the characters in a book? Do you care about the minor characters? How much do you want to know about them? And do you want to delve deeply into the psyche of the MC’s, or do you just want to get to the action?

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January was the best month I’ve ever had in book sales. EVER. I sold more books in January than I have all other months put together. And the reason for this huge jump in sales is one particular book. Guardian Vampire. I have six titles out right now. In fact, Haunted Lake is actually the latest one. But I feel like the biggest factor in the success of GV is one thing. The word “vampire” is in the title. I’ve probably mentioned that before, but that has really gotten me to thinking…people still want vampire stories. They aren’t tired of them yet. So it would probably be profitable to me to write another vampire story. Or maybe a three novella series. And make sure the word “vampire” appears somewhere on the titles. Am I shamelessly looking at the monetary side of things at the expensive of my “art”. Is it bad for me to look on the commercial side of things and write vampire stories for that reason when my true love is ghosts? Well, when your husband is out of work and your salary doesn’t pay all the bills, let alone groceries, you have to do what’s best for you. So, after this garden gnome novel I’m currently writing, I’ll probably be writing more vampire stories. LOL

So for the stats. And this is assuming B & N has the correct figures now.

Across all channels, including the UK for one channel:

Total books sold in January: 7,373
Total sales in January: $2,774.05
Highest rank at B & N: 135
Highest rank at Amazon: 227

Everybody loves vampires….

I wish I knew every reader out there that bought a copy. I’m so grateful, but it’s impossible to tell everyone that had a part in it. But I do know that some of you that read this blog have also bought my books. So to you that I CAN thank…I really, really appreciate your support.

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