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What I’m Reading

I just started reading Blood Lust by Zoe Winters. I’ve already read the three novellas, each one a great read by itself. But this time, I’m going to read them all together. I won’t have to wait on the next installment…just go right into the next one. I love these novellas and I’m excited about getting into Zoe’s world again. After all, she’s the reason I’m writing. 😉

Also, if any of you are Science Fiction fans, you might want to try the novel by a new author, Jonathan Eli. It’s called The Last Cabbandeum. I edit Jonathan’s books for him, so if there are errors, it’s my fault I didn’t catch them. LOL. If any readers see errors, I hope they’ll let us know so we can fix them.

I’ve been reading so many different types of books lately. Everything from young adult to paranormal romance to murder mysteries to horror. And I’ve found a lot of authors that I’ve never heard of, most of them indies. (I find a lot of them on Zoe’s blog.) I know that most people kind of stick to the genre they like best, but I think readers cheat themselves by not dipping into a different kind of book now and then. So take a chance. If you like paranormal romance, try a murder mystery. If you like horror, try science fiction. Just please don’t ever ask me to read any more “classic literature”. My life is too short to be bored to tears. LOL


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