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Ok, so I got in a big hurry and just wanted to see my book in print.  So I paid someone about $400 to print my book.  I did the cover art from a picture I took, and I did the editing along with a friend.  Yay, my book was published!  I sold exactly 10 books.  Five were purchased by the same person.  I knew all of them.  The company gave me lots of opportunities to market my book.  But at a premium.  I couldn’t afford it.  I put my book in the Amazon Kindle store free of charge.  Even though the price is less, the royalty percentage is larger.  I’ve sold about six on Kindle to people I don’t know.  Did I mention it was FREE?  LOL

I was planning on publishing the second book electronically only.  There’s no monetary investment to put it on Kindle.  Then I started reading about Writer’s Relief.  I had applied for a job as proofreader with them awhile back, but apparently I wasn’t perfect enough for that.  But now I’ve subscribed to their newsletter and their Facebook page.  This looks like a company that really could help.  For $100 they will give you 25 agents in your genre to which to submit your work.  And they have a BUNCH of free articles on their website that are very helpful.  When I finish my book, I may just give them a shot.  They also have other services that are more expensive.  You can pick your level depending on what you need.

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