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Finally, finally, finally I’ve finished the first draft of my second novel.  I had put it down for a really long time, only lacking a few more chapters.  I finally got back on track and finished the rest of it in a matter of a few days.  Or maybe a week.  But it’s done now!

The next steps are 1) Edit, edit, edit, and 2) Find an agent.

Finding an agent will be a long, grueling process.  The trick is to make sure you query agents specific to your genre.  It makes no sense to write, say, a romance novel and query agents who specialize in science fiction.  So do your homework.  There are websites to help you.  Preditors and Editors are brutally honest about agents that they recommend and DON’T recommend.    What I like to do is go to agentquery.com to find agents specific to the genre, then go to Preditors and Editors (anotherealm.com) and find out what is said about that agent.

However you choose to find an agent, please don’t get discouraged  by rejection.  It’s part of the process.  Keep at it.  Never give up.


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