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I did it. I used the wrong word. It wasn’t that I didn’t KNOW which word to use…my fingers just typed it wrong. When I was copying the synopsis of each Libby Fox novella into the synopsis of the compilation of the three, I saw these words and cringed. She learns that their are things out there more dangerous than vampires as she searches for the Secrets of the Wolf. Yes, I used “their” instead of “there”! My face is so red! I’ve noticed when writing that my fingers sometimes just type a familiar word even when it’s not the word I meant to type. Sometimes it’s really a weird mistake and the word makes NO sense in the sentence. That’s why proofreading is SO important. I fixed the word in the synopsis this morning and I hope Amazon makes the change quickly. I wonder how many people noticed….

How about you? Do you ever find yourself typing the wrong word? Have you ever let it slip through in a book or a synopsis? Were you embarrassed?


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