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Okay, I’m closer to releasing Hearts of Evil. I fixed some issues and made some decisions. But I’m still waffling on something else, and I need your help. I have no idea what genre to put this book in. I originally thought it had to be horror. My two main beta readers thought it could go in that genre. One also suggested romantic suspense, because there IS a romance in it. It could be a supernatural thriller, but I’m not sure that’s even a genre. Here’s a few facts about the story, and maybe you all can help categorize it.

There have been murders for the last ten years.
The murders were brutal…however, I don’t go into really graphic detail.
The murders were committed by a supernatural element.
The supernatural element is extremely evil.
Many of the townsfolk are evil and are in cahoots with the supernatural evil.
There is a strong good vs. evil thread in this story.
There is a romance that’s secondary to the story, but still a pretty strong element. (I don’t want to call it a paranormal romance because the romance isn’t the main thread.)
There is a dragon who came from somewhere else, so there’s also an element of fantasy and sci-fi.

See, this is what happens when a writer crosses genres and steps “out of the box”. LOL

Those of you who beta read for me, can you think of anything else I should add?


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