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Most of you probably know Skechers was fined by the FTC for false fitness claims concerning their Shape-ups. My friend has a pair of Shape-ups and I have a pair of Tone-ups, but we have never noticed any kind of benefits from the shoes. I think we were supposed to get more toned by them or something.

Anyway, this post is supposed to be about Chacos, right? Well, the reason I mentioned Skechers is because I think Chacos might do what Skechers CLAIMED to do. Now this is ONLY my opinion, so don’t take this as a great truth or anything. I went walking today and didn’t have my walking shoes (the Tone-ups) and I wondered if I could walk in my Chacos. They took time to get used to because of the great arch support since I’m totally flat footed. The salesperson I bought these from said I would get used to them if I gave it time, which I did. Anyway, I went to the park close to where I work and walked during lunch. After about five minutes, the muscles in my calves and thighs, as well as the muscles at the side of my hips, started getting sore like I was working out. I walked for 20 minutes and my feet felt great. But my leg muscles were sore…in a good way. Does anyone know anything about this? Do any of you own Chacos? Do you walk in them (exercise, not regular walking around, LOL)? If so, did you feel a toning benefit?


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